Communication management



The Communication and Marketing management team at the NWU are the leaders in their respective fields in South Africa.  Regular contact with industry, research projects and consultations keep us at the forefront of new developments that will also keep you a few steps ahead of the rest.

After completion of the programme, you be able to become a communications manager in a tourism and/or other type of enterprise.  If you are a person who likes to be creative and to work with people, this is the degree for you.

You will learn more about:

·         Writing for newspapers and other media

·         Social media strategy and management

·         Web design and much more

These skills can be applied to any business.  In this degree, you have the choice to take either Tourism management or Business management as main subject along with Communication management. Several communications managers, marketers, hotel owners and event managers share their knowledge with students and we also visit their businesses.

Admission requirements

  •  APS of 24
  • Mathematics Level 3 (40-49%)


Sites of delivery

  • Potchefstroom

Career opportunities 

Communications managers can work in various types of industries from the educational sector to food and beverage and technical industries.

BCom qualifications are focused on the management of the industry and businesses. This degree creates specific access to careers such as: organisation managers, tourism managers, communications managers, marketers, researchers, lecturers, consultants, guesthouse managers and event managers in both private and public enterprises.

Postgraduate studies

  • BCom Hons in Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  • BCom Hons in Management Sciences with Business Management
  • Bcom Hons in Marketing with Marketing Management
  • Bcom Hons in Public Administration
  • MCom in Business Management
  • MCom in Marketing Management
  • PhD in Marketing Management
  • PhD in Business Management
  • PhD in Public Administration 

See the Postgraduate page for more information