Marketing and Tourism Management



The Tourism and Marketing team at the NWU are the leaders in the different fields.  Regular contact with industry, research projects and consultations keep us at the forefront of new developments that will also keep you a few steps ahead of the rest. After completion of the three-year programme, you will be able to manage and market a tourism enterprise, or to act as marketer in general. It is here where you will be able to live out your creativity in the establishment and development of marketing plans and material for tourism and other businesses.


Among other things, you will learn to develop creative advertisements and media in order for tourists to become aware of your guesthouse or hotel.  You will also learn how develop and manage your own guesthouse, to manage events, as well as how to utilise nature as tourism attraction. Several marketers, hotel owners and event managers share their knowledge and skills with students and we also visit their businesses.


Admission requirements

  •  APS of 24
  • Maths Level 3 (40% or more) / Maths Litercay level 6 (70% or more)
  • Additional requirements may apply as per Faculty yearbook/calendar



  • Potchefstroom [P]


BCom in Marketing and Tourism Management

[Qualification 500182: Curriculum E357 P]

Career opportunities 

Although this qualification gives graduates access to the entire tourism industry, BCom qualifications are focused on the management of the industry and businesses.  It creates specific access to careers such as:

  • tourism managers
  • tourism marketers
  • marketers
  • researchers
  • lecturers
  • consultants
  • guesthouse managers
  • game farm managers and event managers in both private and public enterprises.

Postgraduate studies

  • BCom Hons in Entrepreneurship & Marketing
  • BCom Hons in Management Sciences with Business Management
  • BCom Hons in Marketing with Marketing Management
  • BCom Hons in Public Administration
  • MCom in Business Management
  • MCom in Marketing Management
  • PhD in Marketing Management
  • PhD in Business Management
  • PhD in Public Administration 

See the Postgraduate page for more information